The auditory image of the city

The sonic signature has a strong contribution to the identity of the place. Examples and observations of auditory phenomena that shape the perception of urban places. Visual references make the relationship between physical configuration and sound, but also the interplay between the visual and hearing sense apparent.

Paris, Palais de Tokyo – Wall of Sound

The image is composed in three layers of depth, three layers that can be identified also in the acoustic perspective. The foreground, with the skateboarders defining the sonic events reverberating in the U-shaped plaza of the palais. In the middle, the wall of sound formed by the automotive traffic, blanking out the background, the sonic ambiance of the city.

Zürich – Cut-Off Effect

The urban block structure with its closed facade fronts generates a characteristic cutoff effect.

Zürich – Resonating Bridge

Notice the sound change as the train enters the steel structure. The even surface of the water and the concave space underneath the bridge increase the effect.

Berlin, New Year’s Eve – Rhythmic Echo Patterns

Note the Rhythmic patterns of the Reverb & Echo generated by the closed street facades.