online sound maps overview

Sound Maps

Artist Sound Maps

Bill Fontana’s field recordings
Murray Schafer’s world soundscape project
Schafer’s stanley park soundmap
Sam Auinger – Bonn Hoeren

Urban Sound Maps

sound map of cologne
Montreal Sound Map
Toronto Sound Map
New York Sound Map – Sound Seeker
London Sound Survey
madrid sound scape
open sound new orleans
inuk juak sound map
sound map of tallin (tuned city)
mississauga sound map
Los Angeles Police Radio Stations


Global Sound Maps

sound seeker
locus sonus sound map
radio aporee
sound cities – stanza
favorite sounds map
sound tourism sound map
global sound map
global sound map (sweden)
yamanote line sound map
the small street sounds
h. centeno sound map

Regional Sound Maps

uk sound map
SOINU MAPA Basque country Sound Map
long island sound map
sound@media – korean sound map
sound map of paiva
Annea Lockwood: a soundmap of the danube

Animal Sound Maps

animal sound map
sound of critters
wild sanctuary – geo referenced wild life sounds